For the cancellation of the application, it is necessary to fill in the relevant document which is posted on the website of CeLL and send it to the Administrative Support Department of CeLL
Cancellation of the programme by the registrant can only be made in writing and entails the following:

A) 1 - 5 working days before the start of the programme, entails either a refund of the amount paid, reduced by 30%, or a transfer of the amount to another programme of the student's choice within the current academic year (transfer can be made only once and only to one programme), reduced by 30%.

B) after the start of the programme, it entails withholding the advance payment set for the programme or, in case the programme stipulates a one-time payment, it will be refunded reduced by 50%. It is also possible for the participant to nominate a replacement (who can attend the programme from the date of cancellation of the first participant onwards). In this case, the substitute will be charged as absences, all contributions up to that date in case the programme is face-to-face.