How do I Register?

The registration process is described in detail εδώ .


How many absences can I take?

In living programs where the physical presence of the trainees is required, the enrollees are entitled to a number of hourly absences at a rate of 10% of the total hours of the program.
For further absences it is necessary to present a supporting document (eg a certificate from the company / employer stating that the registrant was not able to attend a specific presentation for professional reasons).


Is the number of seats limited?

Usually the number of positions per department in Living programs does not exceed 30 people.
In the laboratory programs the number of participants does not exceed 25 and everyone operates his own Computer. There is no limit to distance programs unless otherwise specified.



How can the amount be repaid for each Program?

Depending on the program, you will find information in the detailed description of each program.


How often do programs start?

Programs start throughout the year. Each program has a different start date, duration and cost. Programs are conducted during the winter and spring semesters, while there are annual programs that start during the winter semester and end during the spring semester.


How often are the courses of the programs implemented?

Classes are usually held daily in the afternoon and / or Saturday morning.