The University

The University of Macedonia is the second and "newest" University of the city of Thessaloniki, specializing in economics and social sciences.


The The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CeLL) of the University of Macedonia is responsible and operates as an Education Facility on the premises of the University of Macedonia.

President's Greeting

The CeLL of the University of Macedonia embraces the vision and strategy of the University of Macedonia and is at the forefront ...

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Why to choose us

Experience & Efficiency

For the experience, the effectiveness, the ethos, the prestige, the commitment, the trust we build with our trainees


Complete and in-depth knowledge

For comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the specialty areas we cover, excellent knowledge of trends, professional consistency


Quality & Service

For communication, service, maintaining the quality of the educational content and the conduct of the programmes


Innovative Approach

For the innovative programmes, their approach to the topics treated by the University of Macedonia

Specialized Academic Staff

For our academic staff and renowned lecturers, for the competitive tuition fees

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