The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CeLL) of the University of Macedonia is responsible and operates under the provisions of Article 48 of Law 4485/17 (A' 114). It was established by the Ministerial Decision No. 63379/Z1/8.5.2018 (B΄1561) and operates as an Education Facility on the premises of the University of Macedonia.

It is an autonomous unit of the University through which non-formal and informal learning education is offered and certified, which includes initial vocational training, continuing vocational training and general adult education based on the national and European institutional framework for Lifelong Learning. It implements seminars and training and lifelong learning programmes which cover mainly scientific fields treated by the Departments of the University of Macedonia and/or other universities in Greece or abroad.

In special cases, if required by the scope of a specific Lifelong Learning Programme, instructors may be holders of a Greek higher education degree or an equivalent recognised foreign qualification, with significant professional experience relevant to the specific programme.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a Certificate of Training from the CeLL of the University of Macedonia

The credibility and prestige, the scientific validity and the deep knowledge of the education field of the University of Macedonia guarantee the quality of the educational services provided.

  1. 1. The utilization of the scientific workforce and infrastructure of the University of Macedonia in programmes that address both the Greek and the international community with the ultimate goal of certified training and education of human resources and which modernize and/or upgrade knowledge, competences and skills acquired through formal and informal education systems, vocational specialization and initial vocational training or complementary to work experience, facilitating integration or reintegration into the labour market, job security and the professional and personal development of the individual.
  2. Strengthening the links of the University of Macedonia with the local community and ensuring a high level of education, training and specialization.
  3. The development of education, training and lifelong learning programmes in person, at a distance or in a blended mode. All categories of programmes lead to the certification of the knowledge and skills of trainees and aim at the acquisition of new knowledge, the updating and deepening of existing knowledge and the professional training of workers in both the private and public sector. The distance learning programmes aim to attract people from other cities to participate in the training process offered by the Centre through modern electronic media and training methods.
  4. The development of educational material in the context of the programmes organised. Furthermore, the possibility is provided for the provision or development of model educational material to third parties, subject to the approval of the competent bodies, in the context of the provision of the Centre's services in response to specific requests from institutions.
  5. The conclusion of agreements for tailor-made education, training and specialization programmes with Regions, Municipalities, Educatiors and Professional Institutions, Public Benefit Institutions, Public, Private and other institutions recognized by the state Such programmes may involve: a) studies on the diagnosis of needs related to adult education, vocational training and specialisation, b) educational programmes in subjects related to the Centre, c) the preparation of educational material, d) any other educational service within the framework of the Centre's objectives.
  6. The contribution to the coverage of educational and vocational training and lifelong learning needs in the context of the Greek and international society and economy, contributing to the acquisition of qualifications in the labour market, the competitiveness of trainees and the enhancement of their educational level.
  7. The provision of informal education in subjects related to the subjects of the University of Macedonia such as Marketing and Management, Special Education, Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, Music, Culture, International Studies, Balkan Studies, as they are specialized and treated by the academic departments of the University of Macedonia.
  8. The provision of programmes both on an open list for all candidates who meet the criteria set out in the programme and tailor-made programmes which are designed and implemented on demand by organisations according to their own needs and wishes.

Administration bodies of the Centre are:

(a) the President of the Centre,

(b) the Council of the Centre,

(c) the Director of the Centre.