Teaching piano/violin to beginners-students based on the humanistic approach

Program Guide

13 November 2021
400 hours / 7 months


Stamou Lelouda
Professor Department of Music Science & Art


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The Centre for Lifelong Learning of the University of Macedonia, organizes a Distance Training Programme, entitled "TEACHING PIANO/VIOLIN TO BEGGINERS-STUDENTS BASED ON THE HUMANISTIC APPROACH" lasting 400 hours, which will be carried out remotely by the method of synchronous and asynchronous e-learning, as well as in person.

With the kind support of BabyArtist (www.babyartist.gr)

The programme is addressed to people who have knowledge and performance skills in violin/piano, to violin/piano teachers, to students of music departments whose main instrument is the violin/piano, and who are interested in learning the Suzuki method and acquiring skills in teaching beginners in violin/piano with this method.

The educational programme aims at providing knowledge about the humanistic approach to the teaching of music, the familiarization with the philosophy of that method, the repertoire, its basic principles and the teaching methodology. The aim is to reorient the participants' thinking towards a more humanistic, more natural, more "musical" teaching that will inspire, guide and make the most of the enormous potential of all young children to develop their talents.

i.Eligibility Criteria: High School Diploma

ii. Prerequisite knowledge - qualifications - skills:

a. Performing ability on the piano/violin, at least at the third mid-level violin

b. Knowledge of musical theory

c. Very good knowledge of English

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