Modern Management of Tourism Enterprises

Program Guide

28 June 2024
280 hours/ 4.5 months
10 units ects


Kafetzopoulos Dimitrios
Kafetzopoulos Dimitrios, Assistant Professor - Department of Business Organization & Administration, University of Macedonia


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The Training and Lifelong Learning Center of the University of Macedonia organizes a distance learning program entitled "Modern Management of Tourism Enterprises" lasting 280 hours which will be carried out remotely using the method of synchronous and asynchronous distance learning:

Duration: 280 hours (4.5 months)

Cost: 400 Euros

ECTS: 10 credits

Καταληκτική Ημερομηνία Εγγραφών: 28.06.2024

Ενδεικτική Ημερομηνία Έναρξης Σύγχρονων Συνεδριών: 10.07.2024

Implementation: Remote synchronous and asynchronous distance learning

Certificate: Sponsored by K.E.DI.VI.M. of the University of Macedonia

Scientific Officer: Dimitrios Cafetzopoulos, Assistant Professor- Department of Business Organization & Administration, University of Macedonia

The Program is addressed to:

  • Tourism business executives who are ready to take on significant management responsibility in their organizations.
  • Mid-level executives with a few years of work experience who are inspired to innovate or want to make a difference in the way they work.
  • Individuals who are determined to improve their knowledge and skills and by extension their career prospects in the tourism industry.
  • For those who want to prepare for future work in tourism businesses.

The purpose of the program is to provide modern and quality lifelong education, through e-learning, in the Management, Organization, Marketing and Innovation of Tourism Organizations. It was designed to integrate and emphasize both the provision of scientific knowledge and contemporary practical vocational training.

The ambition of the program is to educate, prepare and deepen the knowledge of those who wish, in the modern trends and challenges of Tourism businesses. Trainees, whether they are experienced professionals or new entrants to the tourism business, will upgrade their professional skills, improve their workplace performance abilities and career prospects, advancing their careers.

In particular, the specific program will provide the necessary resources for participants to understand the current trends in the operation of tourism businesses, to improve their leadership style, to anticipate and react to business opportunities, to familiarize themselves with innovation and new technologies developing the skills needed to deal effectively with different situations and challenges.

This training program expects to create more effective executives, thinking outside the box, who could recognize and exploit the opportunities and changes in the tourism business environment.

Teaching unit 1: Effective management of tourism businesses in the digital age

Teaching unit 2: Improving the quality of services in tourism businesses

Teaching unit 3: Marketing of tourism businesses

Teaching unit 4: Actions and practices for competitive advantage

Teaching unit 5: Innovation, entrepreneurship and new technologies in tourism businesses

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