The Lifelong Learning Center (LEL) of the University of Macedonia accepts and supports the vision and strategy of the University of Macedonia, which includes innovation, extroversion, excellence and social sensitivity, without exclusion.

The goal of K.E.DI.VI.M. is to provide high-quality education, training and training in scientific fields that are the subject of study by the departments of the University of Macedonia, as well as other universities in Greece and abroad.

The programs of K.E.DI.VI.M. upgrade and enrich the knowledge, abilities and skills acquired through formal and informal education systems, vocational training and initial vocational training. Furthermore, they can contribute as complementary programs to the work experience of the participants, facilitating their reintegration into the labor market, securing their employment and their professional and personal development.

The goal of K.E.DI.VI.M. of the University of Macedonia is to be at the forefront of informal and non-formal education institutions in the country, through partnerships with other universities and public and private sector institutions that are in line with the University's reputation and mission.

The Council of K.E.DI.VI.M. and the President are personally committed to making every effort in this direction, utilizing the immense potential of the University's human resources, from the faculty to the administrative staff, and are confident that they will achieve these goals.



The President of CeLL.

Vice Chancellor, Associate Professor

Th. Dergiades