Training of teachers and adult educators in Second Chance Schools

Program Guide

4 April 2022
200 hours


Pampouri Anastasia
E.D.IP. Department of Educational & Social Policy


University of Macedonia, Egnatia 156   View map


To whom the programme is addressed

The program is addressed to:

  • Candidates for appointment teachers
  • Adult educators wishing to work in Second Chance Schools (SDS)
  • Formal education teachers
  • Directors, Deputy Directors and executives of SDE
  • Candidate Career Counselors and Counselors Psychologists at SDE
  • Adult educators and executives in structures of non-formal education (IEK, CeLL.)
  • Graduates of Higher Education
  • Students


Purpose of the programme

The purpose of the educational program is to upgrade and update the qualifications (knowledge, skills / abilities and attitudes) of the candidates and the current executives, educators and adult educators, who teach or are going to teach in Second Chance Schools and wish to be trained in the specific field.

More specifically, with the completion of the program, the trainees are expected to upgrade and update their knowledge on issues related to:

  • the Theoretical framework and principles of Adult Education
  • the Historical development of the institution of Second Chance Schools
  • the Curriculum of SDE
  • the Characteristics of Instructors and Trainees in SDE
  • the Advisory procedure applicable to SBS

Blended Learning - a teaching process that combines the method of lifelong learning and the method of distance learning (modern and / or asynchronous).

(A) General categories

The following discount policy applies to each programme unless otherwise specified:

  • Registrant groups: A 25% discount on tuition fees is offered to each enrolled member of a group of four (4) people or more. The discount is valid with the simultaneous registration of four persons and cannot be combined with any other discount.
  • One-time payment: A discount applies with a one-time payment of tuition fees. A 5% discount on the tuition fees is available for those who will pay the tuition fees of programmes costing more than 300€ in one payment by bank transfer. This one-time tuition fee discount can be combined with only one discount from the following special categories.

Β) Discount special categories

The following special discount categories do NOT apply cumulatively.

  • A 50% discount on the tuition fees is available for students who work at the University of Macedonia.
  • Those who are students or graduates of the University of Macedonia and have completed a programme at the CeLL of the University of Macedonia in the past are entitled to a 20% discount on tuition fees.
  • A 15% discount on tuition fees is available for those who have completed a programme at the CeLL of the University of Macedonia in the past.
  • Students or graduates of the University of Macedonia are entitled to a 15% discount on tuition fees.
  • A 15% discount on the tuition fees is granted to those who belong to the category of people with disabilities or families with a large number of children.
  • Unemployed persons are entitled to a 10% discount on tuition fees, upon presentation of a valid unemployment card.


In order to document the validity of the discounts selected in the registration form, the trainee must send to the administrative support department in good time and in the original or in a certified copy the relevant supporting documents, before the start of the selected Programme. In case of non-timely sending or non-confirmation of the validity of the submitted supporting documents, the CeLL reserves the right to revoke the discount granted and to claim any resulting monetary difference.

The CeLL of the University of Macedonia reserves the right to change the percentages of discounts and other offers on the initial tuition prices throughout the current Study Cycle without prior notice. Any changes do not affect those already registered.

The program is scored according to the existing provisions

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